• To develop the Eguchi Iwao brand and contribute to its success in

Africa, UK  and Europe.

• To manage a sustainable business and grow the turnover to more than

£25million and deliver a minimum 10% net return by 2025.

• To support our customers through all of our services in a sustainable,

safe and environmentally conscious way.

• To be an employer of choice by providing a happy, safe and fulfilling

work environment.


• Commitment to Customers – we strive to exceed our

customers wildest expectations on time every time.

• Respect - we care and treat others how we like to be treated


• Safety first – we think, work and act with safety at the

forefront of our minds.

• Give something back – we care about society and the

environment we operate in. We want to ensure that all of our actions are completely sustainable.



• To utilise our technical expertise to

provide solutions through innovation and process optimisation.

• To support our customers to be

successful, through cost reduction initiatives.

• To provide all of our services in a

sustainable, safety conscious and   environmentally responsible way.


We are the extension of one of Japan’s largest coatings distributor in the UK and our ambition is to continue the Japanese tradition of delivering the best quality just in time and service with excellence. In our holistic approach we believe that offering only high-quality products is not enough, therefore we combined them with our technical know-how and century-old experience in order to create full-package solutions for our customers. These full package solutions are meant to improve your coatings process, adding value to the protection and beautification of all types of surfaces.





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